Monday, October 24, 2016
Haute Beauty Queens: "Miss Lebanon 2016" winner (center) and contestants, all wearing Zuhair Murad--"Miss Lebanon 2016" Finals

This past weekend were the Finals of "Miss Lebanon 2016". The winner was 22 year-old Sandy Tabet originally from Bhamdoun, 14 miles of the country's capital city, Beirut. She defeated 14 other contestants for the coveted crown and will now represent her nation in the "Miss World 2016" occurring this December in Washington DC...
 Skate America 2016 Ladies Costumes Fab

Skate America 2016 Mens Costumes

Hellooooo Figure Skating Costume Fans! It's time for a new season and time for my "Ice Style" blogs! Progressive Skate America 2016 occurred this past weekend--the first of six ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating senior level invitational competitions--at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, Illinois USA.

So..., it's time to recap my Favorite --and Meh!" costumes. This post will deal with the LADIES and MEN and I will of course, talk about the PAIRS and ICE DANCE later. Let's see who got my FASHION attention:
Monday, October 17, 2016
Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments" YouTube Video for "Project Runway Season 15, Episode 5

It's time for my "Top 5 OMG Moments" and RECAP of this past week's "Project Runway"! The challenge involved Mary Kay, the makeup sponsor, the dreaded first Team Challenge, and there was a pitch-your-collection-concept twist thrown into the mix. Guess which moments were my Top 5?? Just guess. OK, if you can't...

Click below to WATCH my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of PROJECT RUNWAY Episode 5:

Saturday, October 15, 2016
 Marking Your Drape: "Fashion School With Nick Verreos" YouTube

In my newest "Fashion School With Nick Verreos" YouTube video, I'm showing you how to MARK your Advanced Drape. If you watched my "Advanced Draping" video HERE, this would be the next step...

Sharpie and Muslin: "Marking Your Advanced Drape"--Fashion School With Nick Verreos YouTube

Click below to Watch my "Marking Your Advanced Drape" Video:

Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Costume Fab: Contestants in the "Miss International 2016" Beauty Pageant, during their National Costume Presentation in Tokyo Japan

The 56th Annual Miss International Beauty Pageant--considered one of the four most important "Grand Slam International Pageants"--besides "Miss Universe", "Miss World" and "Miss Earth". There are 70 contestants competing in the pageant, which will culminate in the Coronation Finals Night on October 27th in Tokyo Japan...
Monday, October 10, 2016
 Nick Verreos "OMG Top 5 Moments of Project Runway Episode 4" on YouTube

It's time for my weekly RECAP of Season 15 "Project Runway"! First up, it's my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of the episode. The challenge this week was to create Swimwear for the "Heidi Klum Swim" line. As always, they made a big hullabaloo about how the Winner would have their look manufactured and sold as part of Miss Heidi's line. But, they (as always) didn't mention anything about that said winning designer getting any percentage of the sold swimsuits #JustSaying. Besides that, there were definitely some things I wanted to get off my chest about this episode so...
Friday, October 07, 2016
Venezuelan Queen: Keysi Sayago "Miss Venezuela 2016"...and the Gowns--Miss Venezuela 2016 Beauty Pageant

This past Wednesday were the finals of one of the most important beauty pageants in the world: The Miss Venezuela 2016 Beauty Pageant. There were 24 contestants vying for the coveted crown which has had--as every pageant fanatic knows--SEVEN Miss Universe winners, SIX Miss Worlds, SEVEN Miss Internationals and TWO Miss Earths. The Miss Venezuela pageant and organization is known as a "Beauty Making Factory". The winner of Miss Venezuela 2016 was the gorgeous Keysi Sayago, who represented the state of "Monagas".
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